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The Share A Jet Exchange:

Tough economic times demand new innovation! The private jet industry is no exception.

The Share A Jet Exchange affords customers the opportunity to get to their destination conveniently, in style, and at a significantly reduced price.

The Share A Jet Exchange is a marketplace where consumers, brokers, operators, and agents can reduce costs as much as 50%, by sharing private aircraft trips with one other party.

Allow us to find you a match on your next trip and start flying. We know you will love it.

NOTE: Price * = Listed price is an estimate price per share or one-way flight. Please contact Share A Jet for your quote today.

As an exchange for the private jet industry and an online marketplace for consumers, the Share A Jet Exchange unites an extensive network of operators, brokers, and travel agents with a growing group of private jet customers who want to save money splitting the cost of the trip, as well as supporting the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of the shared flights.

Our clients began inquiring if they could share private aircrafts flights in order to lower their costs. Jet-setters seeking to maintain their luxury lifestyle also wanted to embrace a sense of frugality. As these requests grew, it became evident that our company possessed the business capacity to launch a flight sharing program. Having access to an extensive network of private aviation operators, our team of travel specialists negotiates competitive pricing for every flight, resulting in lower costs and unprecedented pricing within the private aviation industry.

With the recent launch of the Share A Jet Exchange, Blue Star Jets continues to dominate the private aviation industry and remain one of the world's leading private charter aircraft brokers. With a relevant grasp on the ever-evolving needs of our clientele and an understanding of the global fiscal crisis, the recently launched service is the world's first online marketplace for travelers seeking to fly privately, while minimizing costs.

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